St. Roch School Board

The School Board is comprised of parishioners, parents and faculty. The group advises the pastor and principal in all strategic educational endeavors and growth. School board members are elected by the St. Roch community and serve 3 year terms. The board meets once every other month. 

Parish Council

The Parish Council is the governing body of St. Roch Church. It is responsible for the direction and coordination of parish activities, standing committees and organizations.  The council works very closely with the pastor and  the groups listed below to meet the objectives of St. Roch.

  • Finance Board: proposal and creation of annual budget
  • Education Commission: develop, promote and evaluate parish educational programs
  • Liturgy Commission: coordination and initiation of liturgical activities
  • Pro-Life Commission: coordination of educational efforts supporting respect of human life
  • Social Justice Ministry: organize and promote service efforts throughout the community
  • Neighborhood Council: representative reports community changes back to the church

finance board

The finance board with the direction of the pastor establishes an annual budget of the parish and the school.

student council

The student council consists of 12 students elected by their peers, the principal and a teacher representative. The student members are officers (4) and class representatives (8). The council exists to provide students a forum for idea generation, communication and community building. They meet regularly to plan, organize and execute school functions. Elections are held in May.