Bonding over books

The St. Roch Scholastic Book Fair is a great event put on by St. Roch School that helps kids and families bond over reading. The St. Roch Book Fair started Monday, April 29th and concluded on Friday, May 3rd. Many kids and families attended the event and bought books. All kinds of books were being sold, everything from historical fiction, such as the “I Survived” series, to the thriller/horror genre like The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie. As well as purchasing books for themselves, St. Roch students were given the option to buy a book and donate it to the school library or their own classrooms. The book fair is always a good time for the people of St. Roch. The book fair was a great event for the St. Roch community this year, and promises to be one for years to come.