One of the things St. Roch is great at doing is getting everyone to interact with each other. One way we do that if through the buddy system. 8th grade is paired with kindergarten, 7th is paired with 1st grade, and 6th is paired with pre-k 2. For us older kids, it’s a way to spend time with the lower grades and to teach them new things and have fun with them. For the lower grades, it’s their chance to learn from the older kids and to catch a glimpse of what their later years of St. Roch will be like.

Some activities we do with our buddies are reading books, making crafts and playing games. We sometimes go on field trips like a simple walk or to the pumpkin patch! You got really close with your buddy throughout the 9 months that you are at St. Roch. Buddies will talk to each other a lot whether it’s a simple “Hi” in the hallway or a special buddy activity. The St. Roch buddy tradition has really helped me grow in the St. Roch Community! I have been here since preschool and I can remember every single one of my buddies and all the fun we had.