St. Roch goes to Washington

The Class of 2019 met with our congressman representing the 1st District, Lacy Clay!

The Class of 2019 met with our congressman representing the 1st District, Lacy Clay!

The 8th grade at St. Roch traveled to Washington, DC March 9-11. It was the adventure of a lifetime! After all the work the students put into fundraising and making this trip happen they were finally able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Twenty students and 5 chaperones took on the sites of DC including (but not limited to) The White House, Arlington National Cemetery, Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon Memorial, National Museum of African American History and Culture, The Capitol Building, WWII Memorial and many other spots. The excursion was a whirlwind enjoyed by all. The 2019 inaugural trip will, hopefully, inspire future St. Roch classes work hard to raise funds in order to explore our nation’s capital and experience the varied lessons in all classes that have been taught over the years.

Senator Roy Blunt joined us for the morning and gave us a history of the US Capitol Building.

Senator Roy Blunt joined us for the morning and gave us a history of the US Capitol Building.

2nd grade reviews


This year the 2nd graders chose to create book reviews in library. The students created a paper summarizing the story and endorsing the book or not. The reviews came in all shapes and sizes…some with illustrations or commentary, others with 5 stars, and all with a book talk. The kids really enjoyed telling their friends about the good books they read!

Bonding over books

The St. Roch Scholastic Book Fair is a great event put on by St. Roch School that helps kids and families bond over reading. The St. Roch Book Fair started Monday, April 29th and concluded on Friday, May 3rd. Many kids and families attended the event and bought books. All kinds of books were being sold, everything from historical fiction, such as the “I Survived” series, to the thriller/horror genre like The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie. As well as purchasing books for themselves, St. Roch students were given the option to buy a book and donate it to the school library or their own classrooms. The book fair is always a good time for the people of St. Roch. The book fair was a great event for the St. Roch community this year, and promises to be one for years to come.


Preparing for the real world!

JA Finance Park Photo.jpg

This past Friday , the 8th grade class went to Finance Park hosted by Junior Achievement to learn and talk about budgeting. The class learned about different future life scenarios, what insurance and taxes were and how they were paid, and all about economics.

We started the morning off with going to businesses and learning how to budget them into our monthly payments. Some companies were, Lou Fusz(transportation), Fontbonne (education), Famous Footwear(clothing and shoes) and Communication(phones and tvs). We had lunch and continued in the afternoon buying everything that was needed for our life scenarios. We discussed the difference between wants and needs and how important saving is. Finance Park taught me a lot and helped me get ready for the real world!

Spring Chickens

spring chicken (2).jpg

Last Tuesday the seventh grade class received one dozen chicken eggs to incubate for one week before they hatched. The class incubated and turned the eggs for the rest of the week.

When they returned on Monday four live healthy chicks were waiting for them. One more hatched on Monday. On Tuesday there were three more chicks and on Wednesday one more chick had hatched.

There were three eggs that didn’t hatch. Thursday afternoon the seventh grade held a funeral and burial for the three unborn chicks to emphasize the point that all life matters.

Tower Garden Feast

On Tuesday, April 4th the seventh grade class went to the Matthews Dickey’s Boys and Girls Club for a harvest fest with three other schools. They made, served and ate food. The ingredients were almost completely grown in the tower gardens at school.

The class made a dill dip, veggie wraps, basil lemonade and a salad. All of the food was delicious and very enjoyable. Some of the food brought by the other schools included chili, falafel, mint tea and bug bites (ants on a log with a fruit twist!).

Students volunteered to help serve the treats to the other students and teachers. It was a fun day for everyone!