6th Grade Play, Honor Roll & Giving Thanks

6th play 2018 group.jpg

6th Grade Thanksgiving Play 

This year the 6th graders put on a Thanksgiving play for the whole school. It was called “The Turkeys go on Strike”. Shaun O’Leary and Melissa Miller worked very hard to prepare the kids for their performance. The play was about the true meaning of Thanksgiving which is being thankful for the people that make you happy. The kids can’t wait to perform again in 8th grade. 

Congratulations to all the students who achieved honor roll status. Keep up the hard work!



One of the things St. Roch is great at doing is getting everyone to interact with each other. One way we do that if through the buddy system. 8th grade is paired with kindergarten, 7th is paired with 1st grade, and 6th is paired with pre-k 2. For us older kids, it’s a way to spend time with the lower grades and to teach them new things and have fun with them. For the lower grades, it’s their chance to learn from the older kids and to catch a glimpse of what their later years of St. Roch will be like.

Some activities we do with our buddies are reading books, making crafts and playing games. We sometimes go on field trips like a simple walk or to the pumpkin patch! You got really close with your buddy throughout the 9 months that you are at St. Roch. Buddies will talk to each other a lot whether it’s a simple “Hi” in the hallway or a special buddy activity. The St. Roch buddy tradition has really helped me grow in the St. Roch Community! I have been here since preschool and I can remember every single one of my buddies and all the fun we had.


Sweet Stuco!


Bake Sale for Breast Cancer Awareness! Thank you St. Roch Star Council for making Wednesday, October 17th a yummy day! Thank you to all the students who participated in the bake sale and purchased the delicious treats. The event was a huge success. The St. Roch Student Council made approximately $225! Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation where the other 50% will assist Student Council with their efforts this year! Great job raising awareness and funds for breast cancer and for our school.


A new look and fresh faces

St. Roch received an exciting dose of color over the summer! We, also, have 4 new staff and faculty additions. Welcome students, faculty and staff!

ms jost.jpg

Mrs. Jost

We have a new secretary this year, Mrs. Jo Ann Jost. Mrs. Jost was previously a 5th grade math, science, and history teacher at Holy Infant for the last 15 years. Before that, she taught at St. James the Greater as a 5th, 6th, 7th math and science teacher. In her free time she enjoys watching football games (she’s a big Notre Dame fan). She loves the diversity we have at St. Roch and is very excited to get to know the kids and watch them grow over the years. Mrs. Jost wants everyone to love God, your country, and be the best you that you can be.

As you may have notice the St Roch office has a beautiful new green look. We would like to thank the Men of St. Roch for taking time out of their summer to paint the walls and doors.

Back to School

Our 2018/19 school year is off to an incredible start. We welcome approximately 230 students to St. Roch this academic year! In the last two weeks there have been many opportunities for the St. Roch community to gather and explore with anticipation and enthusiasm. Our theme this year is ‘Celebrate our Differences’. We are extremely blessed to have such a dynamic community of exceptionally unique and diverse individuals.


1st Day of School

Students entered their classrooms, met their teachers and were filled with wonder. 


Boo-hoo Breakfast

Parents celebrated and commiserated the end of summer and the hopeful beginning of the school year with coffee and bagels.


Back to School Night

Parents meet the teachers and learn about St. Roch's mission, goals and opportunities for the year.

Thank you teachers, staff and parents for making all these events such a success.

St. Roch volunteers at the Food Bank

The 7th & 8th grade students took turns volunteering at the St. Louis Area Food Bank. This organization's mission is to feed people in need. STL Area Food Bank has been feeding people since 1975 and "relying the generosity of others to make a difference in the lives of those in need of food assistance". The food bank receives food donations and distributes to smaller hunger relief agencies that directly serve those in need. The warehouse is a 96,000 square-foot distribution center located in Bridgeton with over 500 agency partners throughout the metro area.

ST. Louis Area Food Bank 2/22

ST. Louis Area Food Bank 2/22

The 8th grade visited Thursday, Feb. 15th and the 7th grade followed a week later.  The student volunteers helped sort, box and repackage food that area families and seniors depend upon. They sorted and repacked potatoes and prepared boxes with over 21,000 meals. The students were a huge help and highlighted how St. Roch students excel working as a team.  Thank you to all who made these trips possible.


The St. Louis Area Food Bank welcomes any and all to assist with their mission. Visit STL Food Bank to sign up for a family volunteer experience you will remember.