Middle School: 5th to 8th Grades

Starting in fifth grade, students enter the middle school and begin their preparation for high school. Students move among teachers and classrooms for each subject and learn to become more organized and independent.

In middle school language arts, students are introduced to Shakespeare and other classic works of literature. A strong emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, and sentence diagramming helps St. Roch students develop the strong writing skills necessary for high school and beyond.

In mathematics, St. Roch students complete pre-algebra and algebra and are introduced to concepts in geometry. St. Roch graduates are well prepared for the challenges of high school math classes.

As part of our science curriculum, St. Roch’s middle school features a state-of-the-art science laboratory where students perform experiments, analyze data, learn to operate laboratory equipment, and use various research techniques to solve problems. Hands-on learning is a major component of our science curriculum. Lessons involve using on-campus garden boxes and indoor tower gardens. We also partner with Forest Park Forever and other local and national organizations to expand experiential learning opportunities for our students.

In St. Roch’s social studies curriculum students are introduced to various political, social and economic customs from around the world. Students learn how to interpret maps, globes, and charts and are encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions. As a school community, we strive to show our students how to appreciate other cultures, religions, and geographic regions.

In keeping with our value-centered, Catholic education, religion is part of our curriculum. Each week a different class is responsible for presenting the student service. Students study the sacraments, including Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.