Elementary School: Kindergarten to Fourth Grade

In Kindergarten through fourth grades, St. Roch’s curriculum focuses on developing basic skills in the core subjects of reading, grammar, math, science, social studies, and religion using both traditional and non-traditional learning strategies. Our elementary school curriculum sets the foundation for the more rigorous academics of our middle school.

Our literacy program emphasizes both the phonetic and whole-language approach. Students are introduced to a variety or cultural novels to further their appreciation of reading and diversity. Exercises in proper grammar, and spelling and vocabulary tests help students develop language and writing skills. Cursive writing is introduced in the third grade.

Our mathematics program is a challenging, hands-on approach to learning that gives students the opportunity to observe, explore, and process mathematical concepts as part of daily living. While math is taught as a class, students also use an individualized online program that allows them to master grade-level objectives at their own pace.